How did everyone enjoy the extra loooong weekend?!!(for those in Naija). I for sure did and I am seriously dreading tomoz :(

I put up this pic;

and I asked followers on Instagram to choose which they prefer and of the 6 comments left, only one lady preferred Carol's Daughter hair milk...after using both of them alternatively for the past two weeks my verdict is in...

And I vote in favor of SHEA MOISTURE CURL & STYLE MILK!!!!

And here is my reason...

Consistency; Sometimes lighter products doesn't necessarily equate that the product is more moisturizing...and I find that, that's the case with the Carol's daughter product, here's a picture of the two products one after the other;

Shea Moisture

Carol's Daughter

Notice how the Carol's Daughter product is rolling down my hand while the shea moisture seems to be in place, normally that will indicate that the Carol's Daughter hair milk has more slip and more moisture but for the weirdest reason it did not make my hair feel moisturized for more than 20 minutes, I found that I needed to use quite a lot to feel a difference and then after 20 minutes my hair was pretty much back to square one, so I looked at the ingredient list and I saw that though the first ingredient was water, this product is packed with no less than 8 oils and butters and glycerine a humectant that is supposed to help retain moisture is listed as the 8th ingredient. That in my humble view might be the problem, the fact that oil and water do not mix is no theory and so a ''moisturizing'' product with that many oils might not be as moisturizing as it ought to be... 

On the other hand, Shea moisture Curl & Style Milk has fewer oils; five in number and of the ingredients include, shea butter, silk protein, Coconut oil which we should all know is an excellent oil that conditions as well as strengthens the hair shaft, vitamin E and honeysuckle( a humectant)...

Could it be the difference in composition that makes the results I and the rest of the ladies that weighed in lean more to Shea Moisture? It definitely seems so and that is why I always place emphasis on reading ingredient labels.

Will I be purchasing the Carol's daughter hair milk again? I am afraid not except the formula is revised, I am beginning to feel Carol's Daughter products are one of those products that work only for natural hair, all the products I have tried by them have left me feeling bleh sadly...I might give the Monoi collection just one more shot and see.

As for Shea Moisture, I can boldly say that all their products except the Yucca & Boabab Thickening line are absolutely divine and will make your hair feel all kinds of good though they are not the most pocket friendly but their Curl enhancing smoothie which I purchased along side the milk is extra moisturizing;

 and will last you a good 6 months if you use it correctly (in moderation)...The Hub will have in stock in August so be sure to stock up if you are in search of a good moisturizer.

P.S Thanks to all the ladies who have sent in transitioning tales, for those interested remember the deadline is 31st July.
Have a blessed new month ahead, as usual the AUGUST IMPORT WINDOW OPENS FROM THE 1ST TO THE 7TH...Order anything hair and beauty...last month I even got an order for candles and we have delivered  :)



  1. Looolll. Trust me, the issue has nothing to do with the oil and water as you count it. They've already been emulsified anyway, so the mixing theory can't come into play. Also, they did not reveal the oil percentage of each product. I guess your hair just loves the Shea moisture ingredients.

  2. Sorry but i disagree with the comment about Shea moisture not being pocket friendly! I've used all the Shea Moisture lines for about 2 years now and I can boldly say that they are the most affordable natural hair products i've come across (at least if you buy from the US).

    1. Hi, I am referring to the price in Nigeria...

  3. Hi
    that's Great style.
    i highly appreciate this.

  4. Nice product review. Makes me more resolute to get Shea moisture line (but they are still on my wish list cos they are pricey). I'm curious, though why didn't you like the Yucca and baobab line? That's actually the line I'm considering since it says it's for people with thin hair (like me).


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