How's everyone doing? Hope all is well!! This post is all about results from the inversion challenge I went on from the 2nd of November to the 9th of November!

For those wondering; The Inversion test/method entails putting your head upside down for about 4 minutes after you have massaged it with warm oils for 7days and it claims that your hair will grow 1 inch longer after 7 days as supposed to waiting 2 months to gain an inch of growth- read HERE for more details.

As I said in the post announcing that I was doing it, I was beyond intrigued when I watched video after video of ladies who had grown 1 inch of hair in 7 days and decided I must try it! I could only try it however because; I am not pregnant, I do not have a heart condition,  hernia, low or high blood pressure, recent stroke, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), detached retina, spinal injury, swollen joints, osteoporosis, unhealed fractures or injuries, ear infection, obesity, or are otherwise unhealthy. If you have any of these conditions, I am afraid, this test is not for you.

So to the results;
To be honest I inverted my head 5 days out of the 7 days, the days I skipped I was just too exhausted or had too much on my mind to turn my head upside down and fiddle my thumbs for 4 minutes!( When you are counting, 4 minutes feels like foreverrrr)

For my oil mix, I knew I had to have black castor oil in there for my edges, coconut oil for the strengthening and conditioning, grape seed oil for the ceramides and olive oil for the ultimate seal. I mixed few drops of all these oils( you don't want to use too much oil because you will be doing this daily and too much oil will leave your hair greasy and your scalp poresclogged up) , warmed the oils for 30 seconds in the microwave, then massaged the warm oils into my scalp(while upright) from my edges, my entire scalp, nape to my tips( but the main focus should be your scalp).

Then I set my alarm to 4 minutes and tilted my head over; 

Once the alarm went off, I came up slowly, well the first day I jerked my head up when the alarm went off because I was bored stiff waiting for the 4 minutes to be up! LOL but then I had this sharp pain in my head and instantly knew that was not such a smart move because I am sure the pain was from all the blood rushing back from my head. 
When your head is up, style your hair as usual or in my case, I prepared for bed either by braiding the tips or holding the hair in a pony tail holder and wearing a satin bonnet to bed (please always cover your hair with this for bed to save your edges)

Anyways, as I stated earlier, I repeated the steps for 5 days some days I massaged my scalp while tilted...enough talking, here are the results in Pictures- The Before and After







So they say pictures speak a thousand words and from the pictures above I can tell you that the inversion test is no hoax but this is what my position is from my results; the inversion method is most likely going to work most on the parts of your hair that grow the fastest. For some people it's their back hair, some it's their front hair, for me it's always been my sides and that's why I had the most growth there, I was so shocked when I measured and saw the results on my first side that I had to do the second side to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me but nope, they weren't!!! My sides and back hair are at least an inch longer!! I must add that I dusted/trimmed my hair after I took the before pictures before the challenge began because I couldn't stand my ends upon closer inspection and my front hair took the worst hit because it had too many split ends so that could have affected the results there.

In any case, your girl Dab's will be inverting ONCE A MONTH from now on!! I put that in bold for those who would think you can invert everyday of the month and grow an inch every week, it's not going to happen :( 

Why? well from my research, the reason the inversion method works is because generally, blood circulation to the scalp plus the stimulation from an oil massage promotes hair growth, now when you invert your head, all the blood is concentrated in the head and so blood circulation is at its optimum plus your body is not used to all this blood circulating there so the blood vessels will be acting in their optimum sending nutrients to your hair follicles but after a week, if you keep doing it, like every thing in life, your blood vessels will adjust to the change and the spike that occurred when you first started inverting will cease; it's almost like with weight loss when your body plateaus, so the advice is to do it for a week then stop then start again four weeks after when your blood vessels least expect-surprise them :) and it should work again...we'll see next month if they said the truth, Dab's blood vessels watch out :)

Did any of you take on the challenge? Now seeing my results, will you try it?(only if you can). Let me know below. The 6 inches of Growth challenge we have been on all year long is drawing to a close, this method might just be the answer to whoever wants to win $100 worth of imports at the end of the challenge!!!