How's everyone doing?!It always brings me great joy when I get mails from readers telling me how much tips from my blog have improved their hair. I got this mail from a lady called Chibs and it made me so so happy, I asked her if I could share it here and she said yes I could!

So let me start by shouting like Church  Folk; TESTIMONY TIME-BLESSING TIME :)
Here is her mail, hope it encourages you all to believe that if you care for your hair properly, YOUR HAIR WILL GROW!!

'Hey again..this is chibs..I asked about the texlax a couple of months ago..
Congrats on ur anniversary and ur son's birthday..
I wanted to say a huge thank you cos texlaxing seems to be working for me so far..the pics I sent are about 5mnths apart..and the difference is so clear..
My ends are still thin though..but at least u can't see my scalp through my hair..which was so embarrassing....I was seriously overprocessing my hair..
Iv been using henna as well..although it makes my hair feel like straw after but its helping with the thickness
I'm coming to nigeria so I'll be placing an order soon..
But I jst wanna say a huge thank you cos I know I cudnt hv come this far without ur help (I knw my hair dsnt look lik much bt coming from where I am..its a lot..my hair has never been past my shoulders)'

This is the picture she sent of her progress thus far!
Congrats Chibs! Happy growing and happy growing to all my dear readers, stay motivated and you too can be testifying in just a few months! Feel free to send me mails about your progress!!