WEEKEND TREAT MENU- Fenugreek Paste infused with hair oils!

Hiya, so it's Friday and as I promised all through this month I plan to take you all along as a concoct hair treatments for my special weekend treats!

This weekend I decided to use the Fenugreek I got a while ago.

I read that making it a paste is a great way to infuse protein in your hair shaft, strengthen and rebuild your hair for fuller more voluminous hair! Fenugreek has also been proven to stop balding and thinning of hair(make sure you massage the paste in affected areas) 

To make the paste, add water to the ground seeds and smooth out with a mortar or pestle if you have one or in a bowl with a wooden spoon if you don't. 

I am going to add olive oil,  almond oil, castor oil and coconut oil to the paste;

Then apply the mix to my hair from root to tip.

Next you should cover your hair with a plastic bag/shower cap and leave for at least an hour.

Rinse your hair out after the hour is up and Co-wash with your favorite conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes before you rinse out.

Air Dry your hair and style-I'm doing a twist out for the week.

Fenugreek-Park n Shop Supermarket-  about N350 a pack
Essential/Carrier oils- www.vanityoils.com who now stock their oils on online retailers like www.jumia.com.ng and www.konga.com(they deliver to your doorstep daily)

So what are you waiting for? Use this menu to give you hair a treat this weekend!!



  1. The next time I visit the mall, I'll search for it. Let us know how it turns out.

    1. Thx for your comment, check my latest post for the weekend treat update

  2. I had gotten these seeds earlier, blended and dmixed in mint tea and leaves and it smells exactly like im cooking my hair with curry. Someone almost drove me out of my house for the way i smelt...nyways for the time i used it daily to massage my hair, i could see results. I think i would try this way out, but would the co-wash afterwards not defeat the purpose?

    1. hi Vickie, lol@someone driving you out...I don't think a co-wash will affect the results, it should compliment the treat.


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