NHCG gives Thanks!!

Today is Thanksgiving day in the US, I am seriously beefing my siblings who are enjoying all the turkey and yum stuff that come with this day but the most important part of the day is reflecting on the many things to be thankful about in our lives, from family to health to the basics of having a roof over your head, clothing on your back and food to eat. To countless others these things we take for granted are a huge luxury!!

I am also hoping you all are thankful for this blog Naija Hair Can Grow because I am very thankful to you all for the support, every post I have written, every feed back I have received, those who have patronized SHOP NHCG, those who are going to, every one who believes in this blog and has helped spread the word, THANK YOU.  My gratitude remains in the fact that finally, I am helping people think differently/positively about something even if it's just hair... I hope to keep inspiring, keep motivating and keep hammering into your ears that NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW!!

Below are a few pics I dug up from 2009/2010 just as I started my hair journey! You can see the stark difference between these pics and my hair today, gives me every reason to be thankful on this thanksgiving Day! Enjoy...