Hiya! So it's been about 9 weeks plus since I had my hair relaxed, after seeing quite a few knots and tangles in my hair as well as some excess shedding (well kinda) I felt like my hair was saying,'oh babe please relax me jor' LOL! So I caved in and this is a relaxer update to tell you how well it went! I am BSL(bra strap length) now! Woot woot! Well that's for the longest part of my hair, the rest of the hair is catching up, below is a video post on how I relaxed a section of my hair, I relaxed with Silk Elements Mega Silk relaxer;

To read about how I relax my hair in detail, check out my How to; relax naija hair post in the June 2011 archives.

The video below shows the result of my relaxer which went great!

Goes to show that relaxed hair can still be healthy. Hope you are encouraged! Happy growing, expect great things :)
For those who cannot watch the videos here are pictures of my relaxer result :)


                                                           STRAIGHT ROOTS



  1. I've been scared to relax my hair myself. I think i might give it a try instead of giving someone $70 to do it which i think is too expensive anyway. Thanks for the video.

  2. oh wow! i am encouraged! tho i have a long way to go.

  3. Thx for the comment ladies!Dame Sting I say, go for it!!As you saw, relaxing your hair in your own terms could really help your hair.

  4. Dear Dabs! Please help me.....I used to have hair nice hair, average length and very soft. My hair is soft, weak and I have a sensitive scalp because of that I use relaxers such as just for me ( for kids) organics olive oil and profectiv. Despite trying to choose mild relaxers, Somehow along the way my hair has completely fallen off due to chemical damaged. Now my hair is damaged and absolutely has no length. Now I have not relaxed for more than 3 months due to fear of choosing the wrong relaxer.

    Please help me find the best relaxer that I can use for my type of hair (very weak and fine ) cos I desperately want to grow my hair, my hair is an embarrassment as it is and I'm getting married this year. Friends are recommending profectiv or pink luster. I am torn, I don't know what to do cos I don't want to choose something that will damaged my hair instead of allowing it to grow.Please help

    1. Aww do not be too hard on yourself! If you follow the simple steps I will give to you now,my our hair will no longer be an embarrassment, trust me.
      First you have to get the health of your hair back before you consider relaxing your hair. Relaxes further damage damaged hair. The fact that you have not relaxed for 3 months is a good thing and your should have bounced back if you actually were following a regimen but I am guessing you did not that is why despite your stretch your hair is still weak. I recommend that you get a good trim with a good pair of scissors to takeout split ends because most liked that is why your ends are weak. Then you have to start a weekly regimen check out my post for my weekend regimen, all those treatments are great for your hair; the protein treatments and moisture treatments done weekly will ensure that your ends start to become strong and withstand breakage. Moisturizing and sealing your hair daily will also prevent breakage, I cannot stress it's importance enough then avoid extensions for sometime and avoid heat appliances at all cost, all these things are what causes hair to be brittle and break, after you have done this for at least a month then you can relax your hair but please check out my how to relax post in my archives and follow the tips, they will help greatly. I, sure if you follow these steps diligently you will see a turn around with your hair. For relaxers I will recommend LYE relaxers (no kit) for light hair, they are not as harsh on your hair though you might itch at your scalp but lining it with Vaseline section by section will avoid excess itching and burns. Hope I have helped and keep posted about your growth and please feel free to ask more questions :)

    2. Sorry for the typos I was in such a rush ( covers hand over face) lol

  5. Hello Dabs,I have followed your blogs for sometime now and I'm using your daily regimen (I have used it for about a month now). I have noticed that my hair has grown longer but I also discovered that I still see some strands of hair on my comb every morning. Sometimes,when I touched my hair about 10 strands come off. I would like to know if this is normal or if I am being over-reactive.

    Kiss ur son for me....

  6. Hi Chinenye, thanks for your comment. If you have been following a regimen and doing hair treatments but still experiencing excessive shedding then your hair might be going through a natural phase of shedding called the exogen phase. Do not panic it will resume it natural cycle of growth.


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