Hiya, I noticed my HOW TO posts receive the most hits especially my Twist Out Post, So I have decided to do more HOW TO posts. In this post I show you step by step how I achieved my wedding hair updo in minutes. Its really easy if you’ve got the right tools eventhough it looks like a lot has gone into achieving it!! 

I got inspired to recreate this look with a little modification after I stumbled upon JOHNNY LAVOY’S Videos on you tube! He was recreating one of Beyonce’s red carpet looks and by the time I was done watching this video I was sold! The models hair transformed from a short tiny ponytail into a sophisticated updo. Watch the Video above

With the Johnny Lavoy Updo, the model had her hair pulled all the way back but for my look, I decided my hair brought to the front in a side swept swoop would be more flattering

A pack of hair extensions without the weft( expressions attachment)

A wide tooth comb and a soft bristle brush

As many bobby pins as you can get

A hair net

Hair bands

Clip in hair extensions

A gold ribbon(optional)

 The first step is to as usual prep your hair by moisturizing and sealing it, next you part your hair on the side, brush the hair to the side to neatly smooth out any stray stands and then hold it in a pony tail with a hair band.

Now its time to focus on the attachment, take it out of the pack, divide it into two unequal sections using a hair band, to the shorter section, rat it up and scrunch it together with your fingers till it looks like a rough bun

Then braid the longer section adding a ribbon (gold or any color of choice), secure with another hair band or a rubber band for a more secure hold.

When that is ready, cover the scrunched up bun with a hair net and secure it tightly with yet another hair or rubber band. 

The attachment is then ready to be attached. Attach it to your own hair bun by securely placing the scrunched bun covered with hair net right in the middle of your own ponytail and pin it around the edges.

Once that is secured then its time to bring out the Clip in extensions, clip them round the hair netted bun and patiently use the hair to cover the net, securing it with hair pins as much as you can, and then tuck the ends of the clip in extensions under the bun.

When your bun is in the best shape possible, take the braided section of the attachment and wrap it round the bun, secure the ends with hair pins

Clip on a hair accessory like the pearl and gold hair clips I  had on the side of  my swoop and VIOLA you have yourself a sophisticated Updo!! Of course the picture above is not as neat as on my wedding day but I am sure you get the picture. Below are pictures of me with this updo in a variation, the side swoop has been braided and tucked in and the clip in extensions rather than tucked away in the bun are left dangling down.

  I have come to the end of this post, hopefully you find it useful. This look can be recreated not just for weddings but for dinner parties, award shows and other formal events. Shout out to Mimi for purchasing clips to create her own clip in extensions, for all those interested, clips are still available so holla if you need them by dropping a comment!Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. nice. will try this one day. I just gave you an award on my blog. Please check my blog for the details

  2. awww thx Stels!I have been loosing the flair for blogging eventho I still have lots to blog about, but your comment has just encouraged me to keep it up!! will respond to the award accordingly :)

  3. aww, i'm glad it did. i actually learn a lot from ur blog. honestly, i feel that way sometimes too. Sometimes i just want to stop or something but then someone's comment or a new follower will just keep me going. just keep doing ur thing jare regardless. when its time for you to stop you'll definitely know..

  4. this is just to encourage u eventho i dont read all the time buh wen i do its lovely so dont be discouraged....kip it up:)))))))))
    this one i wil nid personal lessons oh, im sure i go mess up,lol

  5. aww thanks dears!!I'm encouraged now :)

  6. i just want to quit or something but then somebody's thoughts or a new fan will just keep me going. just keep doing ur factor jare regardless.Its is a good siteclip-in hair extensions


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