I know its been a while! Hopefully you all have not given up on me J
Well lets get straight to what you must absolutely avoid as a bride when it comes to your wedding hair!!

The first No No is; Do not follow a trend just because its in vogue! Do a style you feel comfortable in instead! For instance; In Naija  there is this Lace Wig trend going on with brides! The lace wig might be very expensive but trust me if it does not suit you, it will look cheap! It also has the tendency to make you look oh so fake!! So beware of trends, not every style goes!

The second No No I have for brides to be relates to the first point, please do not try to look too different!! Yeah I know its your special day and you want to stand out but getting a hair style that will totally transform you until you become unrecognizable is a big NO!! You want your groom to see you and know its you for sure so please make a style that aims at highlighting your natural beauty rather than going overboard! The Lace wig especially the one with baby hairs glued down to the front line is a culprit of this big No No!

Erm Erm, Please do not be cheap!! You might get away with cutting corners on your birthday or for a party but for your wedding day, do not hold back!! It should be a once in a life time experience so you need to make sure you turn out looking grand! If you need to fly a stylist down to get your look together do so, if you have to buy accessories for your hair to go with your look, do so! Just don’t be cheap!

If your hair is relaxed, getting a relaxer treatment a day before your wedding is NOT a good idea! Why? You are leaving too much to chance! What if something goes wrong like the relaxer burning half your scalp! You might not have enough time or patience to get it done properly because of the many things you might have to do! Also the relaxer gives off a smell when you get it done especially when you sweat, now I know you do not want to be smelling of relaxer on your wedding reception dance floor!
Again for relaxed folks, Not relaxing your hair at all and leaving your edges rough is also a big No!! I advice you get a relaxer at least a week to the wedding day so a day before you can get your hair washed out and prepped for the wedding hair style.

Another thing to avoid is Clumsy Hair!! Hair that will loose shape in the middle of the wedding day or fall apart is a No No! if you are doing an updo, make sure it is secured with enough hair clips and that your maid of honour has a few extra clips handy just in case!

Over Accessorizing and Under Accessorizing are No No’s!! Think of the wedding photos and how your hair will come across, you do not want to be too plain but at the same time you do not want to look like a 3yr old with all kinds of hair pins in your hair. Pick a color, a theme and strategically place your hair accessories so that no matter the angle in which your picture is taken your hair will look great!

If you want to get your hair colored, avoid being tacky! Hair color that does not compliment your skin tone is a big NO and should be avoided!

That’s it for Wedding hair No No’s! Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time, take care!



  1. LOL...I totally feel this post. But hey, it's their choice and their day.

  2. hey......I came across your blog, im really enjoying catching up.....I have 2 questions, they are kinda unrelated to the post but wanted to make sure you saw them.....

    1a) I want to start swimming.....where exactly do you swim in lagos?
    b) My hair is now completely natural, im trying to grow it out to bra strap length.....Im a bit worried that swimming regularly and washing it often will mean i cant put in protective sttles and it will break.

    2)I have been doing ghana weaving as a protective style so that way I can wash my hair every 3 weeks cos it gets soo itchy and dry otherwise, i feel however that they are pulling it too tight and the small comb they use is breaking it......any suggestions?

  3. Thanks Myne for your comment, I agree too that it's their choice, I am just helping anybody who needs directions out :)

    Hey Sweetandsensible, thanks for your comment! First I swim at a gym in lekki phase 1 but there are sooo many hotels that have swimming pools that you can visit, I also like Eko Gym and Spa off Idejo street,off Adeola Odeku, VI. Check out my hair and swimming post for tips on how to protect your hair as you swim.

    Ghana weaving and extensions in general are protective styles if done properly, check out my post extensions in my archives. The pulling and tugging is definitely bad for your hair, you might have to change your protective style strategy, there are other kinder protective styles like buns, wigs, twist outs discussed in my archives.


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