Above is a picture of me on Thursday 16th Dec, 2010 at my Bachelorette party and that’s my natural hair!

Below is me on Friday 17th Dec,2010 the day of my Traditional Wedding; I have CLIP IN extensions in my hair, clipped  and thonged that morning!!

Clip in's side swept and pinned!
By Saturday 18th Dec, 2010 at my White Wedding(below), my extensions are out, my hair is restyled by ME (if I might add, hehe) and the clip in extensions are re-purposed to create a bun( a style I will show you all how to achieve under my wedding hair segment next month) 

The aim of my little intro here is so you appreciate the versatility of clip in extensions! They have been in the market for a while especially abroad, celebrities like Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks are open about their use of clip in extensions and clip ins are sold everywhere in the States, Sally’s Beauty even sells just the clips so you can attach them yourself to extensions. 

When I discovered clip in’s I was estatic!! Finally a way to get length through extensions without the pain and rigour of sew ins! I immediately did my research and that’s when I found out about the separate clip purchase method! Being a do it yourself babe like I am, I purchased my clips, sewed them unto some extensions and rocked my clip ins.

After my Masters Degree in the States, I came back and did not find any clips in Naija, and after getting so many ladies interested in clip-ins during my wedding, I decided that I would find a supplier for clips on my next visit to the States and I did when I visited in March and so INTRODUCING;

CLIPS for Clip-in Extensions!! Below is a quick picture tutorial on how to get your very own personalized clip in extensions!!!

GRAB your extensions!!

THREAD a weave needle!

Let the inner weft of the extensions face you

Align the Clip hole to the hair weft!

Pass the thread through the clip hole and through the hair weft!

Secure the stitches with a knot and Viola!!

Repeat the above steps, adding as many clips you need on that hair weft( 3 clips are usually enough)

The next step is to part your hair like this;

Now you are ready to put your clips in; snap open the clip like this;

And then hook the clip combs to your hair;
Snap Clip closed, repeat step with other clips and viola; 1 track of extensions in!!

Why Clip-Ins?

As I illustrated earlier, wouldn’t you like to have extensions in today and out tomorrow? Allow your natural hair breath a little and be moisturized instead of being stuck with sew ins for weeks?

Then there’s the added benefit of having your hair extensions last much longer because they are not constantly being slept on(you can sleep on clip ins once in a while but taking them out remains an option), brushed or combed!

The Clips on the extensions also are great because they will remain useful even after the hair isn’t! because they are sewn in on the tracks, they can be reused by taking them off old extensions and using them on new ones!!

You don’t have to leave your hair out either, you can braid your hair down as you would do on a sew in and clip the extensions on the braids!!(see pic below)

Did I mention you save a tonne of money!!!all the money from salon visits to get a sew in will be put to better use. The clips are extremely affordable!!!

In fact the benefits are endless!!

I personally prefer to buy the clips separately and sew on quality Indian human hair rather than the already packaged clip in extensions because at least I know the quality of the hair I’m using and can measure the tracks exactly according to my scalp.

If you are interested in purchasing a pack of these clips here in Naija, pls call 08073589896, also I would keep you updated so you know which shops will be carrying the clips in Lagos. If you are in the States, your local beauty store or Sally's should have them!!

Have more questions about Clip in extensions? Drop a comment and Ill gladly respond!! Thanks for Stopping by, Now that I have spilled my extension secret, you better tell me yours oh!!lol!!




  1. Very Nice dabs:) I love this tip..did not know i could make my own clip ins!

  2. you're so resourceful. thanks for sharing this...

    btw, wow,so u did your wedding hair.thumbs up

  3. As I won't be using clip-in extensions, the only thing I can say is you were a beautiful bride.

  4. awww thanks ladies!!Stels I also did my wedding make up oh!!I'm a DIY pro!!lol

  5. hiya dabs, as usu u know how to hook sistas up! lol! i feel u on DIY. infact, now trending is #TeamDIY all the way!

  6. hey dabs! u apparently r from the same region as i am! kalabari or some riverine part of rivers state! "winks" first congrats on ur wedding! u looked fab! that braid of urs is one style i've been dying to rock ever since i saw it on Mary J Blige once!! u really shuld do the wedding hair piece, looking forward to it.. as 4 the clip ins.. biko pa sisi mail me on all u got on it, getting weaves or clip ins in Singapore is like asking 4 water in a dessert= zero!! my email is enigmaticebony@yahoo.com ,pls hit me up asap! xoxo..

    1. Awww thanks my fellow Rivers girl :) sorry I'm just getting around to replying you! I will send you an email as soon as possible. Thanks

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