All about Glycerin

How's everyone doing? This post was supposed to go up on Wednesday but you know what? Life happened and I apologize to anyone who came by looking for it!

Anyways, our topic is about an ingredient found in most hair products that acts as a humectant (attracts moisture). It is a compound that usually comes from soap making where plant oils are used that is why most times it is referred to as vegetable glycerin or the water free form, glycerol and It is generally great with helping maintaining moisture levels and manageable hair BUT there is a BUT!!

You see we are in November and though the weather has been weird lately and we've had rains this month, the Nigerian weather calendar classifies this month, December through to about February the Harmattan season which means less rain/humidity and more dryness and stiffness in the air, now how does that affect the use of glycerin?

This compound is highly affected by weather conditions so that when the air is humid and airy/rainy season and it's applied to the hair, it will pull all that moisture from the air to the hair and cause the hair to stay moist and manageable however when the weather is stiff and dry/harmattan season the reverse occurs when it's applied to the hair, the moisture leaves your hair back to the atmosphere and in that case, glycerin will aid even more dryness to your hair which can cause brittleness(lack of elasticity) and breakage.

In essence what am I saying? For us in Naija when our weather decides to choose one and the rains stop and harmattan fully sets in, avoid glycerin and products with large volumes of glycerin(mostly leave in conditioners) as much as you can because you will be doing more harm than good!! For those outside Naija with 4 seasons, I think the season to avoid glycerin will be winter, yes it's cold but the coldness usually comes with dry/stiff air not humidity or moisture like in fall/autumn, summer or spring...

That will be all ladies, I know this knowledge is already known by the veterans but the newbies to the hair journey game need to know this too!! :)

As usual thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!!