How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I'd like to share my latest project with you all- It's with my beloved Shea Butter and I have called them- SHEA BUTTER CUPS!! And I am giving 2 away!!!

Growing up, the reason why I hated Shea butter- 'Ori'; was the smell!!! My mum tried to make me use it to massage my legs so I would not have 'Salee' or 'Yams'- (Strong legs) but I never used it!! Thankfully I don't have 'YAMS'!!.
With the advent of my healthy hair care journey, I quickly learnt that Shea Butter is a great moisturizer and sealant not just for the hair but for the skin too...last year when we opened the hub I decided to make a Shea Butter Station part of the store, offering ladies shea butter like Ice cream with different scents like Chocolate, Peppermint/ Tea Tree oil and Fruity.

It's  been a hit as its an in expensive way to try shea butter whipped to perfection :), this year I decided to take things up a notch by creating these butter cups that look and smell like Icecream or cupcakes;



HONEYSUCKLE BUTTER CUP- Contains pure honey!!

These SMELL DIVINE (Personal favorite is the lemon butter cup) and are whipped with different essential/carrier oils, fragrance oils,  humectants like glycerin and honey...they are colored with a colorant that is safe for the skin and hair and piped nicely into these containers...

One cup costs N800 only and a box of 3 this season with Valentine themed wrapping is N2500- To Order please visit or call and pick up options available(only in lagos)!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and will be giving out 2( 1 each), if you'd like to be one of the 2 ladies, you need to live in Lagos(Sorry to Non- Lagosians, still figuring out a way to transport it to long distances) and you will be willing to come pick it up yourself at 30 Norman Williams st, Ikoyi Lagos...if that sounds good to you then hit me up- Subject- I want a butter cup. The first 2 mails I receive that qualify are my winners...

Thanks for the love all these years, Happy Valentine's day in advance!!