How is everyone doing!! Hope well!! Best believe that I have been experimenting with my hair since my big chop!! I have not had short hair as an adult and I am still in a bit of a shock but I'm making the most of it!!

Here's a quick recap of my first week as a full Naturalista!!

So after my big chop I couldn't bare to deal with my hair- The shock of short hair was too much for me and I wore a wig until Saturday when I took the picture collage I used to announce my big chop...

Sunday came and I put my hair in an Updo- I was surprised I could force my hair into two buns!!lol

Monday and Tuesday, your girl decided to rock a twist out at the front of her hair and packed the back into a bun-

On Wednesday I did a Bantu Knot out, put a few perm rods at the back-

Saturday- I finally deep conditioned by hair, I did a moisture treatment at Savvy Chic Hair Beauty Hub, it felt gooooodddd!!

Sunday came around and I flat twisted my hair the night before and unraveled, put my hair in a half up/half down do-

We went for a party later on in the day and I wanted a more sophisticated looking do, so I made an updo-

I recorded a video tutorial on how I created this hairstyle, please watch here-

These products below have been my daily styling squad through out the week!!

coconutoil, kuicare hairmist, beautiful textures leave in conditioner, aunt jackies flaxseed elongating gel, aunt jackies don't shrink leave in, kinky curly custard, spray bottle with water & glycerine, bobby pins (lots of them), sectioning clips, baor bristle brush, JBCO!!

This time around I will not be obsessing over length but it'll be good to have pictures to look back on when my hair grows longer!!


That's all for now ladies, I have a few more styles I want to try!! Also expect a few product reviews on the products I listed above!!

Anyone tried any of them before? Feel free to comment below!

Thanks for Stopping by!



  1. I want to try the kui care mist, hopefully it works out well for my hair. The Updo looks pretty, I hope it's easy as well. Am going to watch the video now 😊

    1. Thanks dear, it was super easy to achieve!! Love the Kui Mist

  2. Looking good, all the styles look wonderful. You're really good at coming up with hairstyles - I have a lot to learn from you


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