The 2016 Battle of the Hairlistas Competition!

Hi ladies,
How's everyone doing? Hope well!! I know all I've been on about in my posts have been the Salon Day Out on the 5th of June, please bear with me if you are out of town... After the event we can do product reviews, talk about some techniques I've started incorporating in my regimen etc.

Now to my topic. At the Salon Day Out on the 5th of June, there will be a competition called the Battle of the Hairlistas. I introduced it last year and it was great fun, this year I'm changing things a little to make it even more fun!! Let me run down how it's going to go down!

The Hairlistas will get introduced and the first agenda is the Recreate task, they will watch Kemi Lewis create a hairstyle live on stage and their task is to recreate that exact style to the best of their abilities without having any prior knowledge of the hair style, so their ability to learn quickly and be creative will be tested.

The next task is the Avant Garde task....since I saw a particular hairstyle which will be revealed at the event, I've been curious about how it can be recreated and I'll task the Hairlistas to recreate this hairstyle live on stage, they will however have enough time to practice prior to the day so they can give us Avant Garde magic! Can't wait!!

The next agenda for the battle is a square off quiz!! Our sponsors for the competition are the Mane Choice Africa, they produce the famous mane choice hair vitamins and have added products like shampoo, conditioner and oils to their range. The Hairlistas will be asked questions about these products and as true Hairlistas, they should be able to answer these questions!

At the end of the three tasks, all points will be gathered and the winning Hairlista will be crowned.

We have three volunteer Hairlistas this year, 

There are two options, they can compete as individuals or three more volunteers can step up to make another team like last year!! 

Up for grabs is an extremely generous goody bag with hair vitamins and products worth N100,000 from Mane Choice Africa and an entire month Salon Pass to Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub where you can deep condition every weekend if you want, treat your scalp, do crotchet braids,faux locs, spoil your hands and feet with manis and pedis all month long, FREE OF CHARGE AT NO COST!! Ladies this is an opportunity you do not want to pass on!! If you want to step up and compete, please send me an email with the subject- I WANT TO BATTLE! ASAP as we are running out of time-

As for the Hairlistas that have already stepped up, I wish you all the best of luck! For stepping up, you are all winners in my eyes! See you all on the 5th of June!!