Hair habits to lose vs Hair habits to cultivate in 2016

I always like to put up a 'let's go get 'em' spur to action type post at the start of the year, like this one- HERE when I realized I hadn't done that this year I had to sit down and get one going!! So here's a summary of all those bad hair habits to avoid and on the flip side, habits to inculcate as the year begins for longer, healthier, shinier, bouncy hair all year long ( sigh if wishes were horses) but let's give this our best shot shall we?!!

Habits to lose...

This year stay away from HEAT TOOLS as much as possible, I talk about the danger of heat-HERE...enough said...

A really bad hair habit to lose this year is piling on hair products...erroneously some ladies think the more of a product you pile up on your hair, the faster the product will work...I once had a lady come by the hub to purchase Giovanni direct leave in conditioner, two weeks later she was back and complained to me that the 16oz bottle she bought just two weeks ago was finished....I had to let her know that finishing the entire bottle on her hair that quickly was absolutely unnecessary, actually what piling on products does is block the scalp pores and that prevents the scalp from breathing, causes build up and stunts please a little goes a long way with using products especially if you use them regularly as you should.

Another habit to lose is Combing....yeap you read right!! I know most of us grew up with stylists and our mothers (ahem Hi Mum) raking through our locks and making sure every strand is in place in the name of grooming our hair. Since I've been on my hair journey I've discovered that the less I use a comb the less hair I lose, I try to only comb on wash days with only a wide tooth comb and the rest of the time, I use my fingers and a soft bristle brush I've owned for six years now and it works just fine...

My final habit to lose has to do with manipulating your matter how thick or otherwise your hair is, working in sections while you detangle it or style it IS A MUST!! That habit of just combing our hair all to the back when wet especially is one of the causes of hair breakage and receding hairlines! Your hair at the roots has a mind of its own as to what direction it wants to face...please allow it, I generally divide my entire head of hair into 2 large sections and further subdivide into six sections. Working in smaller sections will ensure that you are not tugging or pulling too hard at your hair forcing it into submission and also ensure that each section is adequately cared for and receives product....

Now let's move to habits to cultivate for healthier hair...

Wash and dry your hair in one direction...goes back to my point on manipulation...if your hair is under running water, let it flow down in one direction as hair is most fragile when wet and moving it around can lead to tangles which can lead to breakage, same goes for drying especially if you air dry, section, detangle and leave the hair to flow downward in one direction.

Know the difference between a moisturizer and a styler...this point is especially important for naturals and borrow pose naturals like me...know that a moisturizer or leave in conditioner most times will not do the work of a styling pudding or curl serum for if you want a well defined twist out sure to turn heads, you can't rely on your moisturizer for this, if you need your hair to be manageable and you wanted to be able to comb through easily, you are wasting your time with a curl pudding...

Go Organic...if you are a regular blog reader you already know how much I love my bananas, avocados, pure honey, Shea butter, aloe Vera gel, eggs,  palm oil  etc. for my hair's not just because I like a good concoction, it's more because these ingredients are at their purest form and that means they are more potent than say a tub of conditioner that says it has honey in it. This year try and incorporate organic or natural ingredients as you deep condition for optimized results.

Protective style...but you know this had to be on the list!! There are different degrees, from buns to braids to weaves...leave protective styles in your hair for not too long say 2 weeks, ensure that your actual hair is truly preserved ( why I love crotchet braids so much) and finally, let the take down process be done carefully without stress on your hair...I learnt the hard way- HERE

My final habit that has now become a must for me is regular trims....for some ladies with great elasticity and minimal split ends, trims can be done only on relaxer day or for naturals every 3/6 months but if  you are like me and see one too many split ends, one too many times, then you want to trim more than just relaxer day or twice/thrice a want to do what is aptly called dusting, regular mini trims that keep the split ends at bay,be slack on them and you might just end up with my 2014 nightmare!!

That's all ladies, not too many rules aye??let's try and move forward this year shall we and reap beautiful hair in the end. 

P.s I've seen your entries for the 2016 6 inches of growth challenge!! Expect that post up really soon!! 

DEESCAKES I saw your mail, clicked delete by mistake b4 I could read it.(hate when that happens)...please resend it...

Take care ladies 


  1. I am also for the 2016 hair habits, yet I am struggling to leave my 2 strand twists for more than a week.

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  4. I'm guilty of using to many hair products. I currently have my hair braided and I am wearing a wig. Should I wash my hair once a week and how long should I keep these braids in?

  5. Dabs, I sent you a mail o. Hope you got it. Pls check again. How's your little girl? Solum

  6. I love all you tips especially the one about working in sections and minimising combing as this will ultimately prevent breakage.

  7. Your hair looks fabulous and I really reaaaally love the colour. I had red hair for about a year but because I'm a natural blonde, it faded incredibly quickly to an unflattering pale pinky-orange after just a couple of weeks.

    I also can't wait to have it long again! I've never made it to waist-length but always had pretty long hair until 2016 when I cut it into a super-short pixie. Loved it but now can't wait to have long flowing lock again! :) xx
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